The objectives of CARNM shall be:

Perform its functions in the best interests of the public and in accordance with national health policy as determined by the ministry of public health.

Serve and protect the public in matters involving health services generally and nursing and midwifery services in particular;

Promote the provision of nursing services to the inhabitants of the Republic that complies with universal norms and values;

To encourage training institutions on the need for quality in education/training as well as the creation of nursing/midwifery specialties in the professions.

To sensitize one another to continuously adhere to the code of ethics of nursingor midwiferywhile recognizing exceptional nurses/midwives with awards.

To promote research in nursing, disseminate research findings and encourage the use of new knowledge as a basis for improved nursing so as to raise the professional standards of nurses/midwives.

To affiliate with sister nursing/midwifery associations in the country for the continuous promotion of nursing/midwives services.

Promote and maintain liaison and communication with all stakeholders regarding nursing/midwifery standards and in particular standards of nursing/midwifery education, training, professional conduct and practice both in and outside the country;

Advice the ministries involved in the training of nurses and midwives on the amendment or adaptation regarding matters pertaining to these professions;

Sensitize members to abstain from all forms of malpractices as well as remind them on the modus operandi of nursing and midwifery.